Photo by Curwin Cherubin Story by Nicola Wilson

From its inception in December of 2011, Mark and Curtis have been scouting across the island seeking out “forgotten treasures”, both old and new castaway pieces of furniture thought to have little value to some but, once in the capable hands of Curtis and Mark, are transformed into beautiful pieces of art. 

Curtis, an Interior Designer by profession “always loved the furniture trade”, his father made toys during wartime and had always been a keen collector of antiques. Curtis was interested and exposed to an artistic world of design from an early age.

Mark, Welsh by birth, brings his experience of living and working in Europe and is the personality and retail guru of the business and is responsible for running this eclectic and kitsch showroom. From finely restored antiques to glam new curtain tie -backs and unique accessories to original greeting cards, it would be difficult to fall short on creativity with these two exceptionally talented and creative forces at work.     

In the early days of Marc Kurtis Interiors several pieces of furniture were donated and tastefully transformed, this gave this dynamic duo a chance to express just how innovative and talented they were. Now, a year on they offer a unique service to discerning customers. This approach in taking old or outdated furniture and re-inventing them into something more current and desirable offers an environmentally friendly approach and allows them to ‘give back to the community.’ The partnership has found its strength in Mark and Curtis’s strong beliefs in sourcing available materials and employing the expertise of local artisans.  

Catherine Tenke Teichert, Managing Partner, Harley- Davidson of the West Indies had this to say; ”Mark has the eye of an artist in both finding things and transforming them into something better. He values the quality of fine Barbadian and European pieces and understands what his clients are looking for. He has helped us re-purpose everyday Bajan furniture and made them show pieces in both our home and stores.”

Curtis and Mark are both passionate about the art of re-furbishing old pieces “we love that someone bought a piece of furniture because they loved it and then handed it down to pass on its beauty again and again.” In testament to their talent and creative vision, stands the beautiful old chest centerpiece in their living room. A piece they found painted in varying colours of oil paint was scraped to the bare wood, stained and out-fitted with castors and a smoked glass top… it is a perfect example of what can be done to rescue a lost treasure!


Living Barbados magazine wants to know

So guys, what are you working on now?

We have a fabulous piece currently being restored from the 1920’s  called a “Compactom” that is solid Walnut and made at #143 Regent Street, London, UK. It’s a bespoke wardrobe customised for officers of the British Army who were sent to the colonies, like India and Africa, etc. and also for very wealthy gentlemen who would use it to travel on voyages anywhere from 10 -14 days. It has room for Opera hats, socks, trousers, shoes, shirts, collars

and cuffs, sports wear, underwear and a compartment for laundry and pyjamas. It has a brass mothball holder to keep out insects and a Travelling Reminder list (see image above). It was also known as Campaign Furniture and today is very sought after as this is a rare piece of historical British furniture.


What would you recommend to care for antiques and furniture in general?

We use Bits & Bobs Furniture Oil, made from an old family recipe and have had tremendous success with this when restoring old pieces and also to simply maintain the beauty of the wood.

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